Die Umgebung vom Lindenhof-Reubach

Vacation house für families, hikers, bikers and nature lovers


Lindenhof dining roomLindenhof Reubach diningLindenhof Reubach kitchenLindnof Reubach kitchen

The cozy kitchen is central meeting place for the whole family after an exciting day outside. Playing games, watching a movie, drawing or reading- the large table offers room for all. Cook your own meals in the well-eyuipped kitchen or chat away the time.


Ferienhaus in ReubachFerienhaus Lindenhof SchlafraumLindenhof Reubach sleeping roomFerienhaus in Hohenlohe- Reubach

The sleeping quarter has four bunks for two adults each or children. Curtains for privacy are provided for your convenience. Cuddle up or enjoy a good book; there is no need to set the alarm in the morning.


bathroom Lindenhof Reubachbathroom Lindenhof Reubachbathroom Lindenhof Reubachbathroom Lindenhof Reubach

Start your day with a refreshing shower in the colorful bathroom. Get ready for another day in Hohenlohe.


Sauna Lindenhof ReubachSauna Lindenhof ReubachSauna Lindenhof ReubachSauna Lindenhof Reubach

Complete your day with a relaxing session in aour homey sauna. Add a steam treatment for extra sweat.